Digital Large Cap Fund

Crypto Cap’s Digital Large Cap Fund allows investors to more effectively implement strategic and tactical asset allocations that incorporate digital assets by using the Fund’s shares. The Fund seeks to hold large cap digital assets that collectively comprise 70% of the entire digital asset market.

Initial Deposit: $100 (USDC) – Must connect your Metamask account to the Fund.

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The Scorpion Fund takes advantage of every single one of the DeFi building blocks in the decentralised on-chain asset management technology stack and makes use of both their infrastructure as well as the native profit and yield making opportunities there which benefit users in a different kind of way; such as DEX’s, farming opportunities by providing liquidity to AMM pools or lending protocols, staking high-yield stablecoins, etc.

  • Investors have the option to custody their holdings
  • Permission-less. Anyone can access, anywhere in the world
  • Full transparency & audit trail . Look up what is happening and track and prove it on chain (Transaction history, performance, activity, fees and more)
  • Fund owners have to act within a confined set of rules that they define up front
  • Superior yields and profit opportunities which are not correlated in any way to traditional finance today

Launching Soon

The META Fund seeks to invest in Blockchain assets and technology in the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and Metaverse (Virtual Worlds) space.